Engraved Labels

  • Popular materials for Engraved Labels are: Brass, Aluminium or Rowmark Plastic.
  • Brass Engraved Labels display considerable durability leaving the info visible on the labels, even after exposure to heat and external conditions.
  • This durability makes these labels ideal for Mining and Industrial environments.
  • Rowmark is a plastic like substrate that is available in various colours.
  • Popular colours like Brushed Gold and Brushed Silver are also available.

Anodised Aluminium Labels

Anodized Aluminium Labels is the most popular type of metal label, because of it’s attractive appearance, durability and performance.

Available in various:
– Sizes
– Thicknesses (from 0,5mm and up)
– Colours

Acid Etched Labels

Permanently mark Brass/Stainless steel with acid etching. This method is indispensable where information has to be visible for long periods of time.

Paper Labels

Paper Labels has multiple purposes. From labeling a text book to indicating that a product has gone through a quality check. We supply & print these labels according to your specification.