Banner Flags

  • Are you standing out from your competitors? With Banner Flags this is possible.
  • Banner flags is one of the best ways for outdoor advertising. They work especially good at golf days, outdoor shows and even just outside your offices. You get a few different shapes and sizes.
  • All banner flags come in 2m, 3m and 4m lengths.
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Promotional Stands

  • These are used to attract your customer’s attention to a specific product.
  • Lolipop
    • Lolipop Stands are great to get information across to you customer.
      • Sizes A3 & A4
      • It is made Aluminuim which make it more durable.
  • Brochure Stand
    • The brochure stand comes with a carrycase and is easy to setup.
      • It boasts 6 places for brochures or pamphlets.
  • Clip Frames
    • These work great for indoors and outdoors.
      • Sizes A1 – A5
      • Custom sizes can be manufactured.
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  • Branded Gazebos have a lifetime warranty on the frame and you get a mild steel and aluminium frame.
  • The frame is made of mild steel and aluminium.
  • Sizes
    – 2.5m x 2.5m steel
    – 3m x 3m aluminium
    – 3m x 6m aluminium
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Outdoor Display

    • A-frames:
      Durable and re-usable branding to attract customers from far away.It is easy to assemble and great for indoor and outdoor marketing.
    • Types: It comes in 3 different types namely
    • Pop-Up A-frame
      • The perfect, self assembling, mobile marketing tool
      • Sizes: 1.6m x .7m and 2m x 1m
    • PVC A –frame
      • Aluminium frame with PVC banner.
      • Sizes: 2m x 1m and 3m x 1m
    • Chromodeck A-frame
      • Long term, very sturdy aluminium or steel frame.
      • Sizes: 600mm x 800mm and Custom Sizes can be manufactured
    • Bunting:
      Marketing flags which bring even more attention to your display.
    • Table Cloths:
      Add that touch of excellence to your marketing display
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Indoor Display

  • Banner Stands
    • These are created to give information to your customers and are ideally used in an indoor environment. High definition pictures can be printed to draw more attention.
    • Types:
      • It comes in 3 different types namely:
        • Pull-Up banner
        • X-banner
        • Wall banners
    • These banners all come with
      • Non-Curl PVC
      • High Quality Print
      • Includes Bag + Print + Unit
    • Pull up banners
      • The perfect mobile marketing tool.
      • Base options for Pull-Up banners:
        – Economy (850mm x 2000mm)
        – Executive Silver (850mm x 2000mm)
        – Executive Black (850mm x 2000mm)
    • Wide Pull-Up Banner
      • Sizes
        • 1200 x 2000
        • 1500 x 2000
    • X-banner
      • A more economical choice as marketing tool.
      • Size 2m x 0.8m
  • Banner Wall
    • There is no better way to capture your brand indoors than on a banner wall.
    • Size 3000mm x 3000mm
  • Display counter
    • Get a branded counter to give that touch of excellence to your expo stand or even reception.
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