With Zevah we focus on solutions so it doesn’t matter what your needs are, we will offer you the same fast turnaround, no matter how big or small.

Zevah provides a tailor-made solution to each customer. We believe in the edification of our staff creating a positive work milieu resulting in great customer relations, and giving the customer the service they deserve.

Our wide variety of products are distributed internationally. We grow with each customer to create a long-term relationship.

Building Signs

The only impression you have is the first impression! So why not make it count? Ensure that your customers find your business premises.

These signs are manufactured from: 
– Chromadeck steel or on a PVC Banner attached to a steel frame.

Chromadeck will last you up to 15 years before rusting. We recommend replacing a PVC banner every 3-5 years.

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Real Estate Signs

Real Estate Agent Boards are the best and most cost effective way to advertise and direct people towards you.

No matter what you logo – we can print it.

We use 3mm or 4mm correx (plastic cardboard) and insert eyelids to secure to the droppers.

Canvas Signs

Relive your memories, make family portraits or design your own picture. Canvas prints are a great way of decorating rooms and offices with a touch of elegance.

It is stretched onto a wooden frame and can be any size up to 1.225m x 10m+.

Great gift idea for your soulmate or someone special to you.

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Some of our Clients

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Neon Signs

Neons create an atmosphere and attract attention in the most effective way.


Business is becoming more competitive and business owners go to the extreme to stand out from the crowd.

This is an excellent way of achieving it.


Light Boxes

You need to be visible at night just as much as during the day. Perspex or PVC Light Boxes are a cost effective way of doing this.

You don’t need to worry about your electricity bill as it can be powered by LED modules and by solar power.